Shipping & Return

No returns will be accepted without written authorization from seller. All claims must be made in writing five days of record of goods. This order is subject to labor conditions and unforseen circumstances preventing or delaying completion. Each delivery against this order is subject to credit approval by seller at time of shipment. If the buyer defaults in taking delivery or making payments, seller may treat the entire contract as broken. The order may not be cancelled before the completion date. If any garments are not delivered by us within the time specified, such garments shall remain on order until cancelled; such cancellation to be in writing and shall give the days extension of time fron it's receipt to complete delivery. Should seller initiate legal action to enforce the terms of this agreement, the prevailing part shall be entitled to cost of collection, including reasonable attorney fees. All merchandise sold F.O.B. Los Angeles NOWITHSTANDING anything to the contrary to the buyer's Purchase Order Forn or any other document by buyer. 


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